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Who We Are

The history of the Hawaii Coalition for Immigrant Rights (HCIR) begins in 2010, as a group of faith leaders, attorneys, and community organizations came together to provide a unified voice to advocate for comprehensive federal immigration reform & better laws and policies at the state and local level.


For many years, HCIR worked to seek policies and laws that recognized the innate dignity of all persons and promoted the civil rights of all of Hawaii’s people. 


In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCIR reformed as a coalition of immigrants, immigrant-led and -serving organizations, and allies united in advocacy and education for equal justice and community inclusion for immigrants.

What We Do

Equal Justice and Language Access

HCIR is dedicated to ensuring that our immigrant, migrant, and limited English proficiency communities receive equal justice by advocating for their access to essential information and services. One of the critical issues faced by immigrant, migrant, and limited English proficiency communities is the language barrier, which often restricts their ability to participate in the community and access vital resources fully. Through a combination of policy advocacy, collaboration with community organizations, and engagement with government agencies, HCIR has been instrumental in promoting effective language access initiatives. By working closely with various stakeholders, they have successfully implemented measures that enable immigrants and migrants to overcome language barriers and access the information they need.


Full Inclusion and Recognition

HCIR understands the importance of acknowledging the unique contributions made by immigrants and migrants to our State. By advocating for comprehensive and inclusive policies, HCIR has successfully highlighted the needs and concerns of the immigrant and migrant communities. More importantly, HCIR recognizes that during times of crisis, it is crucial to stand in solidarity with all community members, including immigrants and migrants. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent Maui Wildfires, they played a vital role in providing support and resources to immigrant and migrant communities adversely affected, ensuring that their unique challenges and needs are not overlooked.

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